What I do


(4 sessions package)

Building the foundation of a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Book 4 sessions with Michael to gain a deeper understanding of how the breath is interrelated with all the systems of the body. Knowledge is only potential power and we will be implementing practical techniques that will work on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. Whether it’s conscious connected breathing, holotropic breathwork, oceans breath, wimhof or tummo breathing, bellows breath etc. There is a technique to suit everyone’s needs. Tailor made classes to suit your objectives. Book a FREE online consultation to begin the journey, and deepen your understanding of how a breathwork practice can benefit your life.

Life Coaching

(Online 1 on 1 Sessions)

Philosophy and guidance to living your best life.

The Breath is one branch on the tree of Yoga. If you are looking for a philosophy that supports your breath and gives you a framework within which to live. Look no further than the Living Tradition of Yoga. This system through its various branches will give you a structure to cultivate and manifest your ultimate desire and live the life of your dreams. Whether it’s a fancy car or house, peace, serenity, divine union with your chosen source! Applying the traditional philosophy, and moving through these age old processes will allow you to step into your power and live your greatest life.

Corporate Sessions

(1 on 1 or Group Sessions)

Techniques to bring focus and clarity to decision making.

Understand how to skillfully manage your stress and anxiety levels at work and at home. How and when to implement different techniques so that you are able to make decisions, under stressful conditions, with clarity and focus. Set yourself apart from the competition. Learn a skill that will keep you balanced and centered within the chaos.

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