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Eat Surf Yoga Live Event

26 February 2023, join us as we use the power of our breath to explore the deeper layers of our existence.

Using the breath technique of conscious connected breathing we can begin the process of sitting as the awareness that we are. With this awareness we can observe the emotions that come up and work with these emotions in a healthy way. Understanding and taking full functional breaths will activate our body and ensure that it performs in the way it was designed too.

We use positive vibrations like unconditional love, gratitude and kindness to tap into this reservoir of energy within. We connect our true desires and these energetic vibrations to bring about transformation in our inner and outer worlds.

Breathwork has the power to release stress and anxiety. It can induce a calm and more focussed state of being. It can bring us to altered states of consciousness and show us the interconnected nature of everything around us. It is a life changing practice and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Direct message or book a FREE consultation to find out how a breathwork practice can benefit you, and put you on on a path of health and wellness. Through simply breathing you can bring into alignment the systems of your body. This includes; the digestive system, central nervous system, immune system, endocrine system, reproductive system, muscular system, cardio vascular system.

The systems of our body are connected, we are all connected! The breath is the energy that connects everything!! Book a FREE consultation to find out how!

Check out more videos and meditations to understand the power of your breath and functional breathing!

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