Breathwork Events February 2023

I am super excited to be sharing the gift of breathwork with you @eatsurfyoga in Cape Town this February 🎉 Following ancient wisdom from the yoga philosophy we will be using conscious connected breathing to oxygenate the body, release toxins and stale energy. We are using the breath to get behind the layers that prevent us from seeing the exquisite nature of who we are!

The breathwork events will be taking place on the 12th of February & 26th of February 2023 from 10h00 to 12h00 at 13 Glen Road, Glencairn, Cape Town. The investment is only R300 to book your place and get the benefits of conscious connected breathing.

The breath is our anchor and will hold us through the experience. Nothing to fear except fear itself! Come experience your natural way of being through the power of breathwork.

Arrive with a curious mind and open heart. All you have to do is breathe!

This feel good experience will allow us to tap into our intuitive wisdom (Buddhi) and give us exactly what we need 🙂 We are our greatest teacher and we can use the breath as a guide to access that intuition.

We will be using a relaxation technique to settle into our bodies, meta meditation to increase our vibration, followed by the breathwork to take us to where we need to go! Ending off with a sweet shavasana to let everything settle down.

If you would like to know how a breathwork practice can change your life, please Direct Message for more information 🙏

You are one Breath away from Freedom 💯

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