Breathwork: 5 Benefits of Nose Breathing

@thesoulfulsurfer will explain 5 benefits of nose breathing that will inspire you to start now!

Nose vs the Mouth

The nose wins and here are 5 physical benefits for using that spout to breathe!

1) Cilia and a mucous membrane line the inside of the nasal cavity. They trap dust particles, pathogens and other airborne bacteria helping the immune system do it’s job.
2) Air on the way into the nasal cavity is warmed up and moistened to allow for more efficient transfer of energy when it enters the lungs. The turbinates or ridges on the inside of the nasal cavity are a complex highway which enables this energy transfer to happen, warming and moisturising the air. The air on the way out passes these same ridges transferring the heat and moisture back to the ridges to prevent further heat and water loss.
3) Nitric Oxide is released by the paranasal sinuses and mixes with the air. Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator, which is responsible for opening and softening the arteries. This ensures optimal blood pressure is maintained, which in turn means fewer heart beats and less breaths. Reducing wear and tear on the body and improving longevity.
4) Nitric Oxide also sterilizes the air as it moves into the lungs and helps the immune system respond against invaders.
5) The Olfactory senses are at the back of the nasal cavity. Taking a deep whiff of air helps with your ability to smell. The Olfactory senses are linked to emotional states of being.

There are over 30 distinct functions that the nose brings to the respiratory process.

Read: The Science of Breath, S Rama, R Ballentine, A Hymes for more details on the power of your Breath and how you can use it to cultivate mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

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