Breathe to Thrive

Ever feel stressed out and anxious!?

Trapped in your mind and unable to deal with the sensations that arise in your body? Learn how a few simple techniques can begin the journey away from “surviving” into “THRIVING!” Cultivate more peace of mind and develop the ability to regulate your emotions simply through your breath. Let the breath do the work as you manifest mental, emotional, physical health and wellness in each moment.

You are one breath away from “THRIVING!

Hi, my name is Michael and I am a professional Breathwork Practitioner.

Yes, I teach people to breathe.

You might be asking “We breathe to survive don’t we?” Yes, but I am here to show you how to “Breathe to Thrive”. Beneath our nose we have a tool so powerful that we can literally control our mind, regulate our emotions, cultivate physical health and wellness. Understanding how all the systems within the body are interrelated with the breath begins the journey towards “Thriving”.

Knowledge is potential power, and by establishing a breathwork practice into our everyday life, we can begin to train the mind into peace and serenity. Step into a new found awareness. Be the witness to the stories that our mind tells us instead of the “victim”. We can transmute negative emotions into energy that can serve us instead of debilitate. Using the nose and the diaphragm to breathe integrates the systems of the body into a unified symphony from which we can “Thrive”.

Using techniques like holotropic breath, conscious connected breathing, wim hof method or tummo breathing, alternate nostril breathing, ujjayi or oceans breath to name a few. We can enhance the body to its full capacity, and have the potential to change our relationship with ourselves and the world.

Still not convinced? Book a FREE consultation call today. Find out how we can help you reduce stress, anxiety and develop clarity, peace and health through the power of your breath. Time to start “Thriving” is NOW!


Breathwork and Coherent Breathing

Feeling anxious or stressed out! Take a time out and start breathing into your belly, chest and back using this meditation. Balancing the mind and


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Eat Surf Yoga Live Event

26 February 2023, join us as we use the power of our breath to explore the deeper layers of our existence. Using the breath technique

Breathwork Events February 2023

I am super excited to be sharing the gift of breathwork with you @eatsurfyoga in Cape Town this February 🎉 Following ancient wisdom from the yoga philosophy

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